Healthy Breakfast Smoothies

I've been making smoothies for breakfast recently thanks to my brother who started it all. I must say that it really is a healthy and quick way to get all the essential nutrients into one meal. Best part? It really fills me up till lunch.

For the full recipes, you can read it here.

Above is my "All Rounder" as described in the article on The Wellness Insider, while below is the Berry Power.

I do highly recommend you try these breakfast smoothies out and if you don't have all the powders, do note that they can always be substituted accordingly:

  • milk with any nut milk
  • yoghurt with soft tofu
  • collagen powder with any soy or whey protein powder
  • soy or whey powder with soft tofu 
Recipes are quite flexible and just play around with whatever ingredients that you have so that you have various flavours. After all, variety is key in a balanced diet!