Changes in Bridge Cafe's Set Lunch

Went to Bridge Cafe the other day and it has been about half a year since I've last visited them but this marks my 4th visit. So, it was a bit of a surprise to see that they've changed their Executive Set such that it's only 1 standard 3-course meal. The prices have also increased from S$26.90 to S$29 AND if you choose the Beef Cheek Stew as your main, that's another S$6 top up.

So, here's what my friend and I ordered for our starter:
62 Degree Organic Egg
Those chunks of meat is the prosciutto di parma, which was really salty but was balanced by the wild mixed mushrooms, creamy egg that has been poached/soft boiled (at 62 degrees I assume) and something crunchy and really fun to eat. I'm not sure what 'sabaco' in the description is...and I guessed that the purple root thing is beet root. Underneath this all is a very creamy mash of a tuber/cauliflower that is a lot grainier than potatoes. Really good! Wished that they gave us a spoon instead of a fork for this dish.

Compressed Chicken Leg
For my main course, I ordered their Compressed Chicken Leg (S$16 ala carte) and it came with cauliflower puree, cauliflower cous cous and potato ratte. It was really tender and moist with a slightly crispy skin. The puree was ok but I really enjoyed the cauliflower cous cous as it was well seasoned and added an interesting contrasting texture to the dish.

My friend ordered the Seabass (S$17 ala carte) and it was pan fried till the skin was nice and crispy. Served with seasonable vegetables and spinach in a white wine sauce, you'll get your daily intake of iron and fibre all in a plate.

Dessert was their Creme Brulee (S$9 ala carte) and I must say that I was quite impressed. Normally, a lot of creme brulees have a very cold and therefore 'hard' pudding but this was really light and served with a dollop of airy ice cream, this was perfect! I think this dish really showed the finesse of the kitchen and therefore, although they've increased the prices, I don't think anyone can really fault them.

Nevertheless, something that has not really improved is the no. of service staff. I do understand that lunch isn't their most crowded service but only having 1 wait staff actively serving meant that we were not given our menus till 5 minutes later and everything seemed a little slow. This is quite a let down considering how polite and nice the waitress was! However, we noticed another person appear out of, my friend and I were a bit confused as to whether there was supposed to be 2 wait staff at any one time.

Bridge Cafe, Restaurant & Bar
31 Seah Street
Singapore 188387 (between City Hall and Bugis MRT, opp Raffles Hotel)

Tel: +65 63334453
Opening Hours: 12pm-10pm (Tues-Fri), 10am-12am (Sat), 10am-5pm (Sun)