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Adorable Macarons!

By Saturday, May 02, 2015 , , , ,

Had dinner at Bugis+ and then the family decided to walk over to Bugis Junction because mum wanted to get a new phone. While shopping, I spotted these super adorable macarons that were going at a slight discount because it was already 9pm. Instead of the usual 5 for $10, I got them at 6 for $10.
The baker herself was there and she's pretty young, probably in her early 20s if not her very late teens.
As you can see, the macarons were made to resemble these characters: alien, Rilakkuma, minion and Totoro. The minion and Totoro macarons had chocolate fillings while the alien and Rilakkuma were filled with peanut butter.

The shells were very well done. However, the fillings were not that great. The fillings were really thin and not creamy like how you'd expect. Perhaps she did the cheaters' method where she did nothing to the chocolate and peanut butter respectively. So...um...yeah. There went $10.

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