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Tiramisu Mille Feuille Birthday Cake

By Wednesday, October 14, 2015 , , , , ,

Check out the epic Tiramisu Mille Feuille that my aunt made for me as my birthday cake! I had requested this about a month back and since my aunt is now in Singapore, she made this for my birthday. My first homemade birthday cake!! :D

As you can see, I was thrilled to have it and funnily enough, I did help out in making this! I was the one who helped with the crepes and I shaved the dark chocolate on the top.

My aunt used the recipe for this as per Tasting Table. Making the cake isn't very difficult. It's just very tedious. After making such a small one (it's really not as large as you think it is. Just look at my knife for perspective), I now understand why a slice of a similar cake costs S$9++ at Lady M.

I highly recommend trying it out one day! Also, I used Kahlua instead of Marsala Wine or Rum. I think you can also use Baileys if you want.

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