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Multi-grain Pancakes

By Sunday, September 13, 2015 , , ,

I put my dino into action again and this time, I made pancakes! More like hotcakes cos I like them slightly thick.

For the batter, my bro bought the 4 grain mix and so, it's made of the flour of quinoa, rice, flaxseed and wholemeal. It didn't really look any different from regular pancake mix but I did see flecks of flaxseed.

I chose to add in strawberries for one of the cakes and mozzarella cheese for the other. Both were drenched in maple syrup. Perhaps the multi-grain will help to soak up the syrup! Hur hur.

Because it's made with multi-grains, the pancake was a bit rough on the palate. Grainy. All puns intended. It was unable to be light and fluffy because of that. However, 2 pieces was really filling and mind you, these 2 pieces were really small!

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