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Healthy Brunch - Scrambled Eggs, Roasted Mushrooms and Smashed Avocado

By Wednesday, August 27, 2014 , , , , ,

Was supposed to meet a friend for lunch but she texted me in the morning to say that she wasn't feeling well. As such, I decided to go to the gym and after a workout, you naturally don't want to eat junk food and I'm really trying to lay off the gluten. I wanted to cook my spinach but my mum transferred my spinach into a bag, which caused a lot of liquids to come out so my bag of spinach was spoilt. Thanks mum. As such, I made yummy scrambled eggs with roasted mushrooms (I added lots of garlic and a bit of cheese) and had a side of smashed avocado that I mixed a little balsamic vinegar in. I'm not going to put up a recipe for this because it's really dead simple. Oddly enough, I think eating spinach and other leafy greens will fill you up a lot more with the same or less amount of calories. I was craving for ice cream and Oreos after finishing this plate. Tsk tsk...bad Mel. Must. Resist.

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