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Special Gyudon For Dinner & Plum Vodka

By Thursday, August 08, 2013 , , , , , ,

That's my special Gyudon.  I decided not to put most of the beef into the egg mixture AND I used tenderloin instead of sukiyaki beef.  The steps are similar to my recipe for oyakodon except that I now separated the soy sauce mixture (mirin and soy sauce) from the beaten eggs and used my new oyakodon-making toy from Daiso:

So this is the size of the bowl, which makes the sliding of the eggy goodness onto the rice easier.  Supposedly.  I need more practice, for sure.  That said, the meal was satisfying and I paired it with my concoction of plum vodka!

To make the plum vodka, I mixed 1 part concentrated plum with 3 parts vodka (I like them strong) and 4 parts water.  Shake and serve over ice.  After this, you will not get a food coma but you'll go into an alcohol-induced sleepy bliss.  *Yawn* Ok...I'm going to sleep this off.  Laters!

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